OK – What on Earth is a Bandography?

To be honest, it appears no-one knows the answer to this question! So… just so you know what we think should go in this spot, here is the history of The Silver Shadows – from the beginning!

January 2002

Chris attends a 60s bash hosted by good friend Frank Fletcher. Frank, a great bassist, has been a member of bands such as ‘100% Proof’, ‘The Bruisers’ backing Tommy Bruce, ‘The Outlaws’. He was the driving force behind Mike Berry and The Motown All Stars. In addition he has played with the likes of Mark Brezicki, Dave Mattocks and Jess Conrad. Chris and Frank hit it off and become good pals. What happened next was inevitable.

February 2002

Frank (Bass), Chris (Drums) and friend Eric (Lead), along with Paul (rhythm), form The Silver Shadows and practice begins in earnest, in an effort to sound just like the Shad’s. The decision is made to only play Shadows music from the very early days and until around 1964. No vocal numbers are destined to be played at this stage in the band’s existence.

May 2004

Throughout 2002 and 2003, The Silver Shadows play Shadows music to folks in and around the Thames Valley. This month, not long after our Ivy Leaf gig, Frank decides to move to the Isle of Wight and VOILA – we are without our driving force and bass guitarist.

June 2004

An eventful month for Eric, our current lead guitarist, who decides to take over playing the bass guitar in Frank’s place. Now, folks… let’s not worry too much – Eric is not only a cracking Hank Marvin “play-alike”, but he’s also a very, very good bass player! Nice one, Eric – now… who’s gonna play the twangy stuff for us then?

Paul H decides to head off for pastures new and lo.. we are without rhythm guitar as well.

August 2004

After one or two auditions, we find two lads who not only knew each other in the 60s but also love to play Shadows music. Enter stage left, Paul Larkin on lead guitar and Steve Deeds on rhythm. Nice one lads.

Several weeks after forming the “new” band, we decide that history has taught us a valuable lesson. Folks don’t necessarily want to hear instrumental numbers all night – they want singing too! Furthermore – they want some of the newer stuff as well as the older stuff. Well, well, well.. it turns out that our Paul sounds just like Cliff Richard. We practice one or two of the better known Cliff and The Shadows numbers and WOW – it sounds great. So out come the pens and notepads, and the setlist turns into a monster!

Well… April 2004 turned into April 2005 and then after what seems like only about 10 minutes, has turned into 2008 and here we are – still together and still playing great Cliff Richard and The Shadows numbers to appreciative folk.

February 2009

After some discussion, the band waves farewell to Steve Deeds. We warmly welcome long time Shadows guitarist, quality rhythm and lead twanger, Stephen Swann, to our lively group. Stephen is well known at various Shadows Clubs around the country and is a member of Rock Of Ages – an East Anglia based band. We are looking forward to stepping up another level with Stephen in our midst – let’s get to it!

March 2009

A new development! Brian Haycock, a superb lead guitarist, is asked to join us and accepts. We’re now a six-piece band, with two lead guitarists! We want to see how things go and look forward to playing some wonderful duets, with Brian and Stephen performing together on stage with us.

March 2010

Due to distance issues for Stephen, as well as his activities in other bands, we say goodbye. We warmly welcome Graham Hyde on rhythm guitar. Graham has that “Bruce Welch” feel and is going to be a wonderful addition to the band’s lineup. Welcome, Graham – long may your stint with us last!!

October 2010

Sadly, we say goodbye to one of the band’s long-standing members. Paul Larkin leaves us and we’re back to just four permanent members. Line-up us now Chris Kenward on drums, Brian Haycock on lead, Eric Pole on bass and Graham Hyde on rhythm. Bob Dore (keyboards) is still a floating member of the band and performs with us when he is available or when our gigs call for a keys man.

August 2011

After some discussion, we decide to put the band on hold. Watch this space for future developments!

March 2012

After playing together at the monthly Surrey Shadows Club, we decide we make music which is far too good to waste. With that in mind, the band reforms and we’re once again on the road and accepting gigs. Great news for the band and for the folks who have always enjoyed our music. Roll on 2012!

2013 – 2017

The Silver Shadows are still together and, although playing fewer gigs per year than before, we are still having great fun and sound as good as ever.

2017 – Year End

The band has just played a super gig at The Alton Conservative Club and we’ve all had good fun as we saw in 2018 with the wonderful crowd at the club. This marks the final performance for the band in its current format and we are putting The Silver Shadows on hold for the moment. Please watch this website for upcoming changes to the band going forward.